Not always low means bad!

If we talk about the porosity of hair the case is very much different. Indeed, low porosity hair are the healthiest and every woman will be jealous of them. Glossy, straight and very smooth. What should you know about this hair type?

The porosity of hair is just the level of cuticles raise from the hair shaft. The greater gap the worse hair condition. Low porosity hair are the one with cuticles closely adhering to the shaft. This provides two-way action - on one side positive and on the other not so much.

Let's start with the fact that if cuticles are sealed then nothing can get outside. This means that low porosity hair do not lose that much water and nourishing substances, which can be easily qualified as an advantage. However, this also has the reverse action. At the same time such hair are worse to absorb substances delivered on the hair surface. This is why hair care of low porosity hair can be so problematic.

Owners of low porosity hair do not have to worry about the level of hydration. If this type of hair does not lose water, this means that they are always well moisturised. Then, you do not need to use of additional products for complementation of water deficits or nourishing substances. Low porosity hair have all they need, but that does not mean you need to stop taking care of them.

Condition of low porosity hair can worsen at any time!

You need to remember that low porosity hair, more than nourishment or moisture, need protection. Excess weighting them down or use of wrong cosmetics for hair care (e.g. with large amount of protein) can result with worsening of hair condition. Closely adhering cuticles of low porosity hair can start to raise and contrary to appearances you have to remember that it is easy to slide the condition of even the most well taken care of and healthy hair.

Is it possible that I have low porosity hair?

If you have doubts about it then probably your hair have not entirely low porosity, e.g. medium porosity with tendency to low porosity. Natural low porosity hair are characteristic feature of Asians, who have quite thin, but mostly straight hair. They can praise with the healthiest, glossy, moisturised and silky smooth hair.

However, obviously also among ladies who read this article are these with low porosity hair. Even if they do not know it. It is definitely worth to know what low porosity is, what it means and how to take care of their structure.