Hair cuticle up – About complex hair care of low porosity hair

Low porosity hair are healthy and do not require an intense care, because they lack nothing. However, that does not mean, that you shouldn’t spoil them from time to time. You should consider treatment for your low porosity hair to make cuticles exercise a bit. Deep moisture and nourishment can be helpful on occasion.

low-porosity-hair.jpgLow porosity hair have good condition, because their structure is not disturbed. Cuticles adhere to the shaft on every side and create impervious protective armour. This is why it is so difficult to wet them and why they have such a weak absorption of nourishing ingredients. On the other hand, they also do not lose this much trace elements, vitamins and water.

In spite of it, you have to sometimes treat your hair with some intense conditioning. Not only to complement eventual minor deficits of nourishing ingredients and control level of hydration, but also to move cuticles for which one time raise and then close is quite beneficial.


If low porosity hair have slight gaps between cuticles, it means that more substances can penetrate them. You have to raise cuticles, so that nourishing substances could work on the inside. When your cuticles are healthy you can afford some manipulation with raising them. It can be done in at least two different ways, in order to not damage hair.

You just have to, e.g.:

– wash hair with cleansing shampoo, alkaline,
– rinse hair with warm (but not hot) water,
– after application of, e.g. oil, wrap hair with towel or foil.

Now you can proceed with standard hair care. Simple hair oil treatment for low porosity hair will be at least few times more effective when fatty acids and vitamins are going to be able to penetrate hair and provide them with regeneration and strengthening on the inside.


Never forget that low porosity hair must have sealed cuticles. After an intense treatment, you have to close hair cuticles to avoid disturbance in hair condition. Skipping this step can result with frizz, dryness and hair rough in touch. Cuticles of low porosity hair must be sealed. It can be done in a very easy manner.

You just have to, e.g.:

– use acidic rinse with, e.g. vinegar, lemon or aloe,
– rinse hair with cool (or entirely cold) water,
– protect them additionally with light oil.