Heaven or hell? Take the test for the porosity of hair!

Wherever you look, there is something about porosity. It is easy to get lost in all of these hair care products. Especially if you do not know what condition your hair have. Not to mention purchase of hair oil, that provides hair with gloss and eliminate frizz. Take one hair and perform heaven-hell test to find the answer to the question about porosity of your hair. How to do that?

hair-porosity-test.jpgHEAVEN OR HELL FOR HAIR?

Porosity of the hair is not a fairy tale. Hair can also weaken, just like the entire organism. Wrong hair care, weighting down with too many treatments, harmful external factors or even bad diet low in nourishing ingredients is enough for it too happen. This means that it all lies in our hands. We are the one to decide whether our hair will be in heaven or more likely in hell.

The porosity of hair

Of significant importance when determining porosity of hair is position of hair cuticles against hair shaft. Porosity can be divided into low, medium, high or mixed. The higher porosity the more raised cuticles and weakened hair. High porosity hair are dry, matte, brittle and very weak. On the other hand, low porosity hair are the exact opposite.



– one hair,
– clear wide glass,
– clean water,
– scissors.

Take one hair that fall out on its own or pull out one of your head. Divide it into at least three parts. With scissors cut 2-4 cm of hair from the root, the same in the middle and a fragment of end (no matter if its split or not). Why? One hair can have mixed porosity, e.g. low at roots and high at ends.

Pour water into the glass. More or less 3/4 of its hight. It is important for the glass to be wide and clear – hair will not stick to the walls and it will be easy to observe it in the water. Place hair fragments in the water and observe how it behaves. Remember, what length had each hair to be later able to choose right hair care treatment.

Hair floats – cuticles are sealed, low porosity
Hair sinks slowly or suspend in the middle of the glass – medium porosity
Hair quickly sunk – cuticles raised, high porosity

Remember! Heaven for hair is right oil to improve their health and condition. Low porosity is a hairdresser’s heaven. It is better to avoid hell, that for hair is high porosity. If your hair have high porosity, take care of their right care.