What are low porosity hair like? Discover the ideal you seek

Beautiful hair are the dream of every woman. And despite it being frequently repeated cliché, it is in fact better to have low porosity hair (well taken care of and healthy) than high porosity hair (dry and damaged). Why hair care is mostly about beautiful appearance?

low-porosity-hair.jpgBeautiful hair are not only visual effect. If you have well taken care of hair, you can also enjoy their good health. Perfectly rooted hair fall out sporadically and in much smaller amounts, do not suffer from dandruff or tiresome itching and their conditioning is less demanding. It is worth to take care of low porosity hair and we do not just say so.

What are the features of low porosity hair?

We need to start by reminding what low porosity hair are. These are hair with cuticles closely adhering to the hair shaft. It is best when cuticles are placed even, what makes them smooth and well protected.

Such structure influences beautiful appearance of low porosity hair. However, this does not mean, that they have no flaws, of which we talk about below. These disadvantages are not that relevant to make low porosity hair less ideal. There is much more benefits.

Advantages of low porosity hair

First thing that comes to mind is of course the appearance of low porosity hair. This feature is the one we care the most about. Strands with low porosity are smooth, soft in touch, glossy and easy in stylisation. Due to being smooth, they are easy in combing.

Low porosity hair are usually straight, though there are exceptions to the rule. Therefore, there is no need for use of straighteners or drying on the stylisation brush when you want them to fall gently on shoulders and avoid tangling. What’s truly important is that care of low porosity hair requires only protection against harmful factors (e.g. UV radiation, high temperatures, chemical compounds). Such hair are glossy and beautiful by nature.

Another matter of great significance is that with low porosity hair you avoid most problems related to weak and damaged hair, like dandruff, brittleness, dryness, matte, premature grey hair, skin irritations, etc. No wonder that most women dream about so trouble free hair.

Disadvantages of low porosity hair.

It will probably sound weird, but low porosity hair also have some flaws that should be mentioned. The most important are two of them.

First of all, low porosity hair hate proteins. Use of shampoo with large amount of protein in composition can easily cause dryness and matte. Hair will become rough and brittle. Secondly, low porosity means problem with stylisation, due to fact that they are not easy to, e.g. curl. Quite problematic can turn out also performance of a ban, because delicate and very smooth strands will slip out of it.