Check it out! How to take care of mixed porosity hair?

The porosity of hair is a very important matter, that should be taken into consideration in everyday hair care by every woman. This is a phenomenon that explains, e.g. why after use of some shampoos or oils our hair frizz and after some other they do not. To put it simpler, low porosity hair like saturated oils and high porosity hair like all polyunsaturated oils. What to do when our hair have mixed porosity?

low-porosity-hair.jpgHair porosity is a key element of hair care and without it choice of oil is almost impossible. On porosity of hair, i.e. level of raise hair cuticles, depends the type of oil and other products for hair care. The rule is simple.

– Low porosity hair like oils with larger amount of saturated fatty acids, which have particles much smaller. However, this is not a rule here.
– High porosity hair can frizz when was used wrong cosmetic for hair oil treatment. These hair love polyunsaturated fatty acids with larger particles.

What should you do when you have mixed porosity hair?

On the Internet are plenty of manuals and tutorials concerning hair oil treatment, however, all of them are circling around three hair types: low, medium and high porosity hair. Here and there you can come across information that porosity of the hair can be mixed.

Hair with mixed porosity in contrary to appearances are a common thing for many women. Mixed porosity means that one hair have different level of raised cuticles on its length, e.g. low porosity at roots and high porosity at ends. It happens because unprotected hair ends are more subjected to damages, are dry, suffer from split ends and lose valuable conditioning substances.

Conditioning of mixed porosity hair has to combine principals that relate to all hair types. If you have low porosity hair at the roots then for scalp massage choose e.g. castor oil, cocoa butter, palm oil or linseed oil. However, on split ends and dry ends apply protective oil for high porosity hair, e.g. grape seed oil or sweet almond oil.

Hair care of mixed porosity hair requires combination of oils with various density and particle size. This is essential and guarantees that you obtain the desired effects.