Get low porosity hair, now!

Hair oil treatment, conditioning, porosity… for several months hair care holds strong position on the list of top topics in beauty magazines. Women came to conclusion that it is about time to fight for beautiful hair, which condition will allow hair madness.

porosity.jpgCertainly, you visited the hairdresser on many occasions, because you needed special hair style for the night out or special event. And how many times did your stylist told you that there is not much to be done with such hair? Contrary to appearances, it happens a lot. However, we shouldn’t blame the hairdresser. Fine, dry, weak and falling out hair are not much to work with and every hair style will look just cheap.

Target: healthy and strong low porosity hair

If your hair are in better shape, you can do so much more. Firstly, their care must be intense and target damage regeneration. Secondly, strong hair are less subjected to damages such as high temperature and other factors. So, it is easier to curl or dye healthy hair, that after some time will not start to look like hay.

What does porosity have to do with it?

The porosity of hair is a great way to determine their condition and choice of right cosmetics for the problem. The higher porosity the greater problem. It is because high porosity hair lose water and nourishing substances at an alarming rate, so they are dry, brittle, rough and matte. What is more, such hair are more subjected to damages, so they require protection.

How can you provide your hair with low porosity?

What should you do so that you hair have good condition? Low porosity hair are not an unsurpassed myth. You just need to remember about few simple rules and match hair care with condition of the hair.

1. Do not damage your hair!

Limit all harmful for hair factors, and they will certainly repay you with gloss and extreme softness. Quite colourisation, straightener, curler and other similar treatments.

2. Take care of your hair!

Here porosity is of great importance once more. If your hair have low porosity, use oils with small particles and such that will provide protection against raise of cuticles. If your hair are damaged, you need to take care of their regeneration. The best oils for high porosity hair are these with large particles and high content of unsaturated fatty acids. These fill the gaps in hair structure and help seal excessively raised cuticles. From there is a straight road to low porosity hair.